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Small Business Accounting Services in Evansville, IN

It can be tempting for small business owners to do everything themselves, to manage all aspects of their business, right down to the accounting. But the fact of the matter is that small business accounting can be a difficult and time-consuming process, and it can easily keep you away from other important business tasks.

Umbach & Associates can handle the financial well-being of your Evansville or Boonville small business, allowing you can get back to important tasks, while knowing that you’re supported by a team of business financial experts.

Personalized Accounting Services for Your Small Business

Umbach and Associates is happy to provide a comprehensive range of small business accounting services in Evansville and Boonville, including:

  1. Bank Reconciliation - We can reconcile your business checking account for you each month. This will ensure that you understand the financial health of your business and can manage your funds effectively.
  2. Income Statement Generation - An income statement is another great way to get a look at your business' financial health. The detailed reports can help you track expenses and revenues, as well as help determine your tax liability.
  3. Balance Sheet Generation - A balance sheet is a snapshot of your business at one moment in time. It can help you plan what you're going to do next by providing you with a look at your current financial capabilities.
  4. General Ledger Clean-Up - Keeping a clean and organized general ledger is crucial for the maintained accuracy of your books and records. With our team keeping your general ledger in order you can have confidence that your numbers are correct.
  5. Consultations - We take a personal, consultative approach with all of our clients. By doing so, we can figure out how to best set up your business, as well as what type of entity (LLC, sole proprietorship, partnership, etc.) would be best suited for you. We listen to your goals and help you figure out the best ways to achieve them.

Business Owners Helping Business Owners

Not only does our firm include experienced Boonville and Evansville CPAs and financial experts from a variety of different backgrounds, but we are also small business owners ourselves. This gives us a unique and useful perspective on how taxes, financial planning, and business operations are tied together.

We know what it takes to run a successful business, and what it takes to handle a small business’ numbers. We won't leave you in the dark about all of any of the services we undertake to help get your finances in top shape. We make sure that our clients thoroughly understand their own finances and give them the tools to succeed. Open communication with a financial advisor is invaluable for understanding the big picture.

Build a Solid Foundation for Future Success

At Umbach & Associates we believe that, for a business to be successful and prosperous, it must start with a solid foundation. We have the experience and passion necessary to help our clients build exactly that kind of foundation. Don't hesitate to visit our small business financial experts in Boonville or Evansville for a free consultation to see exactly how we can benefit you and your small business.

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