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Umbach & Associates can help you if your Evansville or Boonville business needs valuation services. Our team can conduct the kind of detailed reporting that gives you an accurate picture of your business’ worth so you can carry out important tasks that depend on valuation calculation.

Many business owners lose track of the importance of business valuation, often because they are preoccupied with the daily tasks of running a business. This can push aside long-term and big-picture business goals.

Why You Should Have an Expert on Your Side

When business owners finally do turn their attention back to the value of their business, they find that the task of calculating that worth is harder than it seems. Undertaking a business valuation without the guidance of a financial expert is an extremely difficult process.

We can help you sort out the complexities of figuring out your business’ worth in the current market. Not only do we serve as CPAs in the Evansville and Boonville areas, but we are also small business owners ourselves. We have an in-depth understanding of how small businesses operate and what goes into creating an accurate picture of your business’ value.

When Could My Business Benefit from Valuation?

Just about any small business can benefit from valuation. Valuation services have unique value, depending on what action you planning to take after valuation is complete. Business valuation is important if you are:

  • Negotiating a merger or acquisition;
  • Planning your estate;
  • Considering new shareholders;
  • Trying to resolve a liability dispute;
  • Going through marital dissolution.

Why are Evansville and Boonville Business Valuation Services Important?

Business valuation is important for ensuring the success of future decisions regarding business ownership and shareholder addition. It can directly impact the outcome of a merger or acquisition. It is also a crucial component in planning for the future success of what you’ve worked hard to build.

If you do not have an accurate idea of the value of your business, how can you make decisions which will help your business grow?

Cash Flow Evaluation

On top of performing a business valuation, we can also evaluate your business' cash flow -- an important process that provides you with insight into your company's financial health. Having a professional cash flow evaluation can help you maintain a positive cash flow and make accurate cash projections.

Personalized Service for Your Specific Business Needs

We understand that no two businesses are alike; solutions and strategies which worked for one business may not work for another. Our focus is on the big picture -- on all the factors involved in running your business, as well as on any other parties involved in the valuation process. We will make sure that everyone gets what they need or are rightfully owed.

Come See What Our Evansville & Boonville CPAs Can Do for You

If you need a business valuation completed at either our Boonville or Evansville office, contact us today to set up your consultation. Having the right numbers is important to the success of your business. We are here to you make the right decisions and plan proactively for your future.

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