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More About Our Evansville CPA 

At Umbach and Associates, LLP, our tax and accounting professionals are committed to assisting our clients with their ever evolving needs. Whether you’re an entrepreneur thinking about starting a small business, or own one that is a long standing member of the community, we have services to ensure your financial and tax needs are addressed. Our CPA firm has been serving the Evansville area and Boonesville since 1971, and strive to maintain our high quality service with a personal touch.

For more information about our accounting firm and our services, contact us today to schedule a free, 30 minute consultation. 

Experienced Accounting and Tax Solutions

Our group of professionals focuses on progressive accounting and tax services in Evansville to maximize our clients’ success and prepare them for the future. We offer years of experience working as an outsourced accounting department for our clients to improve their organization, enabling them to focus on running their business. Evansville CPA’s have worked with a number of industries from agricultures, real estate, automobile, and farm implement dealers. We are connected with a large network of attorneys and banks in the area so that you have a direct referral for needed assistance. 

We develop business strategies that incorporate your tax goals to ensure your business is taking advantage of all deductions possible. We strive to minimize the likelihood of liabilities when filing for taxes, and return money to your pocket. Umbach and Associates, LLP develops individualized business strategies, taking into account your unique business model and tax situation. 

QuickBooks Services

To provide convenient accounting and payroll services to our clients, we implement QuickBooks, a cloud-based system, and tailor it to your specific needs. Additionally, we provide QuickBooks Pro and will visit to your home office or location to set up your personalized QuickBooks system, and teach you how to use it. No longer will you have to send payroll records to us in the mail, we can use this system to run payroll for you and file taxes in a timely manner.  

Additional Business Services in Evansville

Aside from accounting and tax services, Umbach and Associates, LLP provides litigation support, audits, and business valuations. Business owners looking to move on from their enterprise can receive an expert valuation from our firm. If you are going through a court case against shareholders, we offer litigation support and can provide the detailed accounting work necessary to have an effective case. For a level of assurance that your processes are being handled effectively and there is no hint of fraud, we provide audits for the highest level of assurance. 

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Umbach and Associates, LLP is dedicated to providing businesses the services they need at any stage of their development. For more information about our tax and accounting services, contact our Evansville CPA firm today. We also provide business and tax services in Boonesville.